Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm a one man all-star game

Danica Ladypants at times gets on my case because I have no friends here in Canada and I seem to have no ambition when it comes to making friends. Both are true. As I have told the Ladypants, I don't want new friends. I want my old friends back. I want Vald and The Black Hand back. I'm told I'm living in the past and need to move on.


No, I don't need to move on. I've a better idea. The Black Hand needs to move to The Mountain O' Royality. I've taken it upon myself to see to it that this happens. It'll be perfect. Then we can get old and bald together, smoking rolled cigarettes on the porch in our underwear, listening to Mahler, drinking homebrew beer (none of that Canadian swill).

If I get The Black Hand out here Vald will be forced to visit as often as he can, because the powerful pull of The Black Hand, moi-meme and Ladypants will be much too much to resist.

[I just saw an AT&T commercial where people were singing a song the lyrics of which went "There is nothing quite as wonderful as money. There is nothing quite as beautiful as cash..." Lovely!]

I've got nothin'.

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