Thursday, March 08, 2007

Family happiness

Son of a bitch! My mother was going to fly my little brother up here for my birthday, but can't now because as of January you need a passport to get into Canada. Since he doesn't have a passport and can't get one in time for my birthday that plan has to be scrapped. My brother, Thomas (yes, the four of us all have biblical names), has been having a stressful time lately. He's been spending all his time recently at various doctors' offices and physical therapy sessions and he really just needs to get away and have some fun. Which I could provide. But not anymore. Thanks, US government!

Son of a bitch! My little brother, Seth, having just gotten kicked out of the Navy, after having spent time in prison, is getting married to a girl he barely knows tomorrow. I swear he's fucking demented.

Son of a bitch! If I weren't sick I'd be getting drunk and pissed off.

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