Monday, April 23, 2007

Found scribbled on a paper inside a library book

UFOlogy. Perpetual motion machine
I was [raised]* schooled in the [school] church of me.
Alien nation, secret conspiracy.
[I was a fool, a dork, a regreter]
These are the lies that I believed.
Exhibit A, exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit Me!

UFOlogy, perpetual motion machine,
the only perpetual thing that I see,
Why, hell, its me!

Look down my nose, but I know better
I proceed, even if they think I'm a fool
I sneer and praise my arogance.
They sigh and laugh and

I look down my face and sneer and jeer
I praise myself, my arrogance
[Stroke what you can to raise offense]
They sigh and laugh, privately offensed

Big foot, ---

the hollow center of the earth!

It's not me, it's the conspiracy to blame.

*The words in brackets were scratched out in the original.

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