Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nota bene

The reason there is no writing on the page is everything has yet to be learned. How is one to write when all is not known? That's why Socrates talked so god damned much. He knew everything there is to know. But that's no good and I could do without Socrates. Books are to be read, not consulted. Do not consult your bookshelf! Stop reading books for information. They're so many gears and levers. The only question is: does it work? Does The Brothers Karamazov work? Does Das Kapital work? When you feed a big helping of pork chops and apple sauce to Kant does the resulting shit hold your attention? Hog maw and chitlins for Vico? Ho cakes and broccoli greens for Aristotle? What about when you feed yourself? Well, that's scary say we all. Yes, you me us most likely don't work too smoothly and our shit just reeks of shit. Horrible gas, you say, palms aimed outwards, sheepish grin. Rebuilding the machine takes so much effort and I'm so tired and I just want to be left alone to be tired and alone boo hoo hoo. And how can one write when there are Wonder Years re-runs on the boob tube...

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