Friday, May 25, 2007

Transit strike - day 4

Today is the fourth day of the transit worker strike. The government has given the worker's union and the transit bosses until today to work out a deal, or else. No one seems to know what the 'or else' might mean, though we may just find out today, as the strike is still in action this morning.

And Montreal is certainly seeing the effects of the strike. Since the trains and buses are only running for a few hours of 'essential services' every day, more people are driving their cars to, from, and within the city. As a result, smog is out in full force. It looks disgusting outside. From our balcony I can barely see the buildings that are a mere mile or so away. And it smells terrible outside, too. Kind of like burnt garlic. All of this is exacerbated by the near 90 degree weather.

In short, it is nasty out there. I hope they can strike a deal today.

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