Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Music for Tuesday: Nineties Rock Edition

As the D to the motherfucking P can attest, I hate a little bit more than 99% of rock music released during that quirky decade the 1990s. Really shitty stuff from all corners of the universe. But I must concede that not all 90s music deserves to be melted down and made into playgrounds for the little shavers. So, for this episode of Music for Tuesday I'd like to enlighten you kind folks and enliven the river of filth that is your daily lives with some real good and real underrated rock and roll from the 1990s. This stuff has held up really well, if you ask me, especially Tugboat Annie.

Quicksand - Thorn in My Side

Samiam - Capsized

Tugboat Annie - Posterboy


Anonymous said...

Is it bad, then, that I like Hole?

Matthew said...

Yes. Very bad indeed. Listen to Slint's Spiderland and say three Hail Marys.