Monday, June 25, 2007


When people tell me that they don't like beer I know that they are lying. They don't dislike beer, they just haven't taken the time and put in the necessary effort to know they they do in fact love beer, and that absolutely. Everyone loves beer but not everyone knows it. So now we have two camps, those who know they love beer, and those who are ignorant of the fact that they love beer. But these two options do not exhaust the possibilities apropos of beer love. There is a third camp, which causes far more harm to the beer cause than those who claim to dislike beer. This camp never fails to espouse their love of beer, ceaselessly standing up for the gloriously righteous and righteously glorious cause of beer. One often finds pubs and bars filled with these folks, every hand clutching a pint glass (or worse, a British dimpled mug). These are the folks who go to a brewpub and order bottles of Heineken or pints of their sacred Guinness. These are the people who endlessly say that "American beer" tastes like piss. These are the ones who are a danger to society, who claim to love beer but have yet to drink the stuff. War must be declared on these poor souls.

All this to say that I am a beer snob and that, save for a couple brewpubs and one or two microbrewery beers, Quebec beer is really bad. Quebecers will continue to claim that they love and know their beer, but they are liars. There is not a single U.S. microbrew for sale in Quebec, and we all know that American microbrews are where its at. American beer is looked down on in Quebec because they've only known the corporate monster beers. Sorry to say, but the microbrews and imports in Quebec are not a whole lot better than the mass-produced rice hulls and corn syrup beers of the U.S. I don't know who is in charge of beer importation at the SAQ, but they should be arrested.

All this has forced Danica and I to take action, in the form of brewing our own beer. We were fed up with spending $8 for a pint of shit-ass swill.

All this to post pictures of some of our homebrew. The first is a picture of Danica's first attempt at beer-brewing, a British-style brown ale which she entitled West of Downtown Brown. I don't typically care for brown ales, but I really dug this beer.

Next up is my latest creation, a saison, which is a Belgian-style ale. Spicy, hoppy and refreshing. This one needs some more time for bottle-conditioning, but the flavors are already starting to come together nicely. Really interesting stuff.

End of shit-talking.

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