Sunday, July 08, 2007

Liberalism and "freedom"

Last night we went to MA's house and grilled some kebabs and sausages and drank beer with the crew. It was quite the lovely evening. At one point in the evening we were sitting around the little hibachi's smoldering coals (It's July! What's the deal with the weather?) and Danica and I were telling everyone about a bluegrass festival somewhere in Kansas that we had gone to because a friend of mine was playing and about how by the third day of said festival we were quite sick of hippies and it was mentioned that I hate hate hate hippies to which The Butler said that if he were to classify Danica and I he would say we were hippies. I said I hate hippies because they're liberals and I detest liberalism, and that I just can't comprehend said position. The Butler replied with a line that served to cement the lingering feeling I had that he and I are complete opposites when it comes to political, social and economic questions. He said: "Liberalism brings about true freedom."

Nah. Here's your liberal freedom:

Slums of Nairobi

Slums of Mumbai

Slum dwelling in Dhaka

Slum dwellings in Dhaka

Slums of Caracas

Slums of Rio de Janeiro


Sean Butler said...

hi matt,

would you like me to address the issues you raised in this post?


Matthew said...

Hey Sean,

Yeah, I wouldn't mind that at all. I can only see one issue that I raised, however. That being, slums are a result of liberalism (or free market capitalism).

Also, there are going to be three beer brewing days this weekend if you'd like to join us. We could drink beer and argue...