Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Music for Tuesday: Club Q Edition

When I was about eleven years old I went to my first hardcore show at Coral Springs High School because my older brother worked for the sound and lighting company. They put together a weekly showcase of local bands called "Chaos". The first hardcore band I ever saw play was Strongarm. This was about 1993. This is what it sounded like:

Strongarm - Trials

The drummer from Strongarm ended up starting another band with some folks and they called themselves Shai Hulud, which, as we all know, is the worm from Dune. This is footage of Shai Hulud playing at Club Q, which is the place where I saw most of my shows growing up.

Shai Hulud - My Heart Bleeds the Darkest Blood

The guys from Strongarm also started up an emo band, getting a guy named Chris Carraba (who played guitar in a punk band called The Agency (I believe) at the time) to sing for them. All the Club Q girls loved him.

Further Seems Forever - Snowbirds and Townies

The singer from Shai Hulud, Chad Gilbert, teamed up with some guys and also started an emo band called A New Found Glory, though this time he played guitar instead of screaming. I went to their first show at Dad's Donuts. It was packed and actually a lot of fun. This video was filmed in my old hometown of Coral Springs, Florida.

A New Found Glory - Hit or Miss

That dude who sang for Further Seems Forever started playing by himself under the name Dashboard Confessional and got real popular doing it. I always thought he looked like that guy from 90210. I went to his first show at Club Q and left early because I was sick of all that wussy emo bullshit.

Dashboard Confessional

So there you go.

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