Friday, September 21, 2007


Car commercials should be banned, just like cigarette and liquor commercials are. Cars have created hell for everyone, and turn us all into Satan's minions. Everyone should have their cars melted down, to be made into luxury suites for the homeless and jail cells for the rich. I'm sick of hearing your revving engines, your piece of shit horns, car alarms at four in the morning (like I fucking care if your car gets stolen). I don't think it is too much to ask to not have to yell to make oneself heard on the street. I've had enough of nearly being run over while trying to cross the street because some cock wants to get to work three seconds earlier. I'd certainly prefer to not have any more of my friends die because of the fact that no one seems to have much competence when it comes to driving around a ton-and-a-half of steel. I want to hear some motherfucking birds! Fuck cars indeed!

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