Friday, October 19, 2007

Lucky Dube

South African reggae legend Lucky Dube, widely recognized as the most important reggae artist since Bob Marley, has been shot and killed by car thieves while dropping off his children in a Johannesburg suburb. The importance of his music (which was banned during Apartheid) cannot be underestimated, as was made clear to me by my friend and classmate Gilbert, whose family was forced to flee from South Africa to Cameroon. When I was going to school in Kansas City, Gilbert would always play Lucky Dube's music for me and tell me about how important Dube's music was to he and his family. He would begin these speeches quietly in English, then slowly into French, getting louder and louder until he moved into an outburst of the French/English/Afrikaans patois that he spoke with his friends in Africa. That was the best introduction to any music I've ever experienced. The news of Lucky Dube's death makes me feel miserable. He will be greatly missed.

Here is Lucky Dube and his band playing the song 'Remember Me.'

'House of Exile'

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