Thursday, November 15, 2007

Palace Brothers, Days in the Wake

This is my favorite album. This album is better than any other album, ever. It is so hauntingly perfect. It has become ingrained in my body and I live in its world. That world is constantly changing, endlessly becoming, always just having taken leave. It cannot be pinned down. It assumes no common language with the listener. I cannot explain it, or feel that I've gotten a hold on. I do not understand. But I get an inkling of it in my dreams, or when I'm not paying attention, when I'm doing the dishes or getting out of bed or riding an escalator. Strange enterprise. I have Walter to blame for introducing it to me, I think. I'd like you to hear it. You may not get anything out of it, and that is ok. Click on the picture for the download page. The sound quality is not the best, but you get the idea.

01. you will miss me when i burn
02. pushkin
03. come a little dog
04. i send my love to you
05. meaulnes
06. no more workhorse blues
07. all is grace
08. whither thou goest
09. (thou without) partner
10. i am a cinematographer


Walter said...

I remember passing on a copy of this album to you. Danica said she didn't like it, making a comment about it being Modest Mouse-ish and annoying. I never get some of these songs out of my head.

Matthew said...

The bounciness of 'Come a little dog' probably reminds Danica of Modest Mouse.

I keep getting more out of these songs. I've heard them hundreds of times but I keep finding more. The first song is in the second person for a reason, making it a hopeful song. Who is his God? Who is his Pushkin and why is he in the electric chair? He is not a camera, he is a cinematographer. The cover photo makes clear that Will Oldham doesn't matter, the music does. Why does he keep becoming animals? Who cares if Will Oldham is a fake?

We should have a shindig.

Adam R. said...

All of his bambinas are all in for a while.

Matthew said...

All together now...

Danica said...

Don't worry, Walter. I like Mr. Oldham now. I remember that you guys put that CD on when I was trying to read. I think it was Harry Potter. No wonder it was annoying me. I can't read and listen to music at the same time!

stephen said...

very well written summary, it's my favorite album as well...