Friday, December 07, 2007

It's the end, friend of mine

The semester is quickly coming to a close. I have three final exams and one compte rendu critique to write of the play my class went to see a couple nights ago, Eugene Ionesco's Rhinocéros, directed by Jean-Guy Legault, at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde. I don't care too much for Ionesco's play, with its apolitical humanism. A theatre production of Kafka's Métamorphose is playing in town tonight, but tickets cost $30, so that seems a bit out of the question. I'll take Kafka over Ionesco any day of the week. Ionesco plays right into the hands of that which he's supposedly critiquing, namely, authoritarian governments and conformist masses. Dumb.

I'm a bit nervous about my climate and water exam on Tuesday. The class has covered so much material. It is very difficult to keep it all straight. Multiple choice and a 3-4 page essay on something obscure as hell like capillary water in the soil or downwelling in the North Atlantic Ocean. I've definitely learned a great deal about weather systems in this class, as Danica can attest. I feel like an old man, talking about air masses and precipitation. Now I wish the Weather Network would lay out more information than they do, so that I could put it under my own brand of scrutiny. I was invited to a potluck exam study party on Sunday at this dude's place in Charlevoix. I'll probably end up going. He said he was preparing flash cards.

On the 17th I have an exam to write for my geography of globalization class. Should be pretty straightforward. Multiple choice, short answer, 7-8 page essay on like structural adjustment programs or measuring structural violence or something.

The last exam I have is for my Place, Space and Identity class, on the 19th. Piece of cake. This class is kind of silly. The exam should cover things like the geographies of cemeteries, malls and gardens. Vernacular architecture in British Columbia. Immanuel Wallerstein's world systems theory. 16th century Dutch eco-colonialism. Inuit navigation (can you use this word to refer to land? Navigatio is Latin for "sailing." What's the word I'm looking for?) by means of snow drifts. Quebec's dabbling in ethnic nationalism.

My other class, Correction phonétique, doesn't have an exam. I had to do an exposé oral en classe sur la francophonie a week or so ago, so now I'm done with that.

So I just have to give one final push and I'll be through with this semester. It has been a rough one. Five classes is quite a bit of work, I have discovered. Next semester I'll only have four classes, although my French class will be six credits.

Yesterday Danica and I spoke with a dude from the legal clinic at my school about immigration issues. He told me that I should drop out of school and become a baker or a butcher. If you ever find yourself wanting to move to Canada, just get yourself a one-year vocational degree in baking and you'll be welcomed with open arms. Seriously. I'm thinking about looking into summer baking programs for when I don't have university classes. Canada is in serious need of blue-collar workers.

I think I'm becoming a Marxist, but recognizing this makes me feel like a poseur. I also have a beard and smoke a pipe, drink good beer. I am Cornudet, though I have no inheritance and cannot whistle.

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