Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've really enjoyed learning new languages thus far. I've been working steady at French for about two and a half years and, while my speaking leaves much to be desired, I am to the point where I am able to read the news daily without having to look up too many words, I can watch French movies and follow most of the dialogue (French French, that is; I'm still having a bitch of a time with Québecois French.), I've got a growing stack of books under my belt, etc. I can now do the things I set out to do when I began learning French, and that without too much frustration. So.

Given that I have been a sick for the past couple days, lying on the sofa, I've had some time to consider undertaking a new linguistic challenge. The thing is, I don't know what language to pick up. I know what language I should learn, because it is The Most Useful, but that is reason enough for me to not want to learn Spanish. I'd really like to dabble a bit in an Eastern European language.

Thusly, I've narrowed it down to four: Spanish, Polish, German and Romanian. Spanish and Romanian are in the Romance family of languages, so that would definitely make them much easier to learn, coming from learning French and taking two intensive Latin classes. Polish is supposed to be a really really difficult language for an anglophone to learn, but the prospect of a non-Romance language sounds very intriguing. German is German.

I don't know.

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darin goodwin said...


Try Arabic! It is a wonderful adventure. And there is nothing like the look on an Arab person's face when you offer a greeting in "the language of God." Just a thought!