Wednesday, April 16, 2008

China is baaaaaaaaad, says the sheep.

Seeing as all the enlightened liberals are so keen on boycotting the Olympics in Beijing because of "human rights abuses,"* I take it that these same people will be calling for a boycott of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver because of Canada's ongoing colonial oppression of Aboriginal Peoples, which has been going on much longer and has been much harsher than China's oppression of Tibetans. Canada's Aborigines are some of the most dispossessed and impoverished people in the world, suicide rates being 3 times that of the Canadian national average, with some communities having suicide rates up to 800% higher than that of the national average (Suicide Among Canada's Aboriginal Peoples .pdf).

Of course there isn't a chance this'll happen. There'll be no UN resolutions to boycott the opening ceremonies. No protests in San Francisco filled with people waving First Nations flags. It won't happen (certainly not on the scale we've seen with the protests against China) because our blessed liberals are hypocritical pieces of shit, taking to the streets to protest bad, bad China (under the media's very watchful eye) while they turn a blind eye to the Third World conditions in their own countries, ignoring the two brutal failed wars because they're bored with them, blaming the world's environmental problems (which their liberal economic policies created) on people of color having too many babies (the cause of which, again, being liberal economic policies creating mass poverty), etc., etc., etc. Yellow peril! Blame China! Oh oh, This American Life is on! Fuck off.

*If you're protesting, say, the forced expulsion of a group of people from their land, or the torture of a certain opposition group, or whatever, just say it! "Human rights" is vacuous concept, used to justify such lovely happenings as the UN sanctions against and Clinton's bombing of Iraq, the NATO bombing of Kosovo, the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. For the love of God, just say what you mean.


Danica said...

But I like This American Life.

Matthew said...

That's because you're white.