Thursday, May 01, 2008

I hate the dog.

Today just may be the last day of my short stint as an in-home caregiver for an elderly woman. She's very dehydrated and I can't seem to get her to drink enough, so hopefully she will go to the hospital today to get an IV put in to re-hydrate her so that she can recover quicker. I'm not sure if she'd need me again after she left the hospital. The job hasn't been bad, except for the fact that I work every day, and the pay is much better than I've ever received before. I make her food, remind her to take sips of various drinks, do laundry, wash dishes, feed her pets, water her plants, talk about books, listen to stories about Montreal's sordid past, walk the dog, do some shopping, do some light cleaning. There are only a few unpleasant duties. All in all, it's been a good job, but I'm really looking forward to a day off. I think I need a day or two of sitting on the balcony drinking beers and reading Machiavelli. If only it would warm up outside.

The summer semester started yesterday, so last night I went to the first meeting of my French writing class. The class is very small, only about ten people. The professor is a teeny tiny woman with an even teeny tinier voice. I'll have to sit closer to the front next time so that I can hear her better. As in every French class I've been in, we started the course off with introductions ("Je m'appelle Matthew. Je fais mes études en géographie humaine et langue et littérature de la langue française. Je m'inscris dans ce cours seulement pour m'amuser, bien sûr." Etc., etc.). I think I say the same thing every time. I know two other people in the class from other classes. The teacher assigned a novel (La tournée d'automne by Jacques Poulin) to be read over the course of the month-and-a-half long semester, but I'm a dork and had the thing read through before the class even started. I haven't gotten much practice writing in French in the program so far, so this class should be good for me. I'm also taking another, more intensive, writing class next semester, so I figured this semester's class would be a good warmup for next semester, where I'll be in classes with native French speakers. That intimidates the hell out of me.


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Danica said...

You forgot the most important part of your job: watching Dr. Phil and yelling at the TV.