Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yet it remains

I seem to have lost whatever aesthetic attraction Christianity may have had for me.


Brando said...


Matthew said...

Things like prayer, going to church, the Eucharist, the liturgy, hymns, worship, etc., seem to me to be a waste of time now, although I guess they get people out of their houses, which is good. I've lost interest in being what one might term a Christian, even though I can't say I know what being a Christian means. As far as I can tell, the Church with a capital 'C' doesn't exist. And if it does exist, it is useless at best. Pile on top of all that a feeling that it doesn't really matter what I think about the whole enterprise. That's beside the point, even though my thinking about it all feels much more freed up.

At the same time, and I don't think this is contradictory, I'm fascinated now more than ever by the stories of Jesus. Jesus is much more interesting when one doesn't feel compelled to consider him as THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE!!! all the time. I do believe that Jesus was and is divine, but, again that's beside the point and gets in the way of actually hearing what Jesus is saying in the Gospels. Jesus' "good news" was not that he is God.

Matthew said...

In other words, my interest in Christianity is political rather than, say, religious (dubious though this label is) or spiritual.