Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lessons learned

That raccoon seemed so very friendly and, thusly, I attempted an act of solidarity, a little pat on the back. She bit me. The handful of shots I got in the ass should clear up any after-effects, I suppose.


Anonymous said...



Matthew said...

Yeah, bad idea. I'm obviously no St. Francis. I harbor no resentment, however.

Sorry I haven't written back to you yet. I have in mind to put together a list of French-learning resources for you that I've found to be helpful and I've also been trying to find an article on Rousseau by Louis Althuser, but to no avail. I'll get to it soon, oh my brother.

That's some shit that someone messed up your flight. Everything that has ever and will ever be cool happened in Montreal the day you left.

Sorry I got moody the last night you were here. I turn into a morbid sum bitch when I'm stoned.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I figured everything cool happened when I left. Oh well.

I stopped smoking weed because of the scrofulous character of my thoughts and words. So, I understand and take no offense.

Send me an email. I lost your address.

send my regards to danica and june.