Sunday, July 19, 2009

La vie quotidienne

My to-do list widget isn't working. Seeing as this blog doesn't serve much of a purpose and as a result has no readers, I'm going to put my to-do list here.

  • Read at least 50 pages of Aragon's Le paysan de Paris;
  • Work through a chapter of French for Reading;
  • Do vocabulary drills for an hour;
  • Read at least chapter four of Sheringham's Everyday Life;
  • Brush Danger Kitty and Mustafa;
  • Pick up package from post office;
  • Make grocery list;
  • Consider grocery shopping (Do not like!);
  • Figure out online bill payment;
  • Prepare financial aid documents;
  • Procure a video store membership;
  • Decide if I'm going to take a trip down to Florida;
  • Call the Black Hand;
  • Make my own goddamn dinner;
If you can think of anything else needing to be placed on the list, kindly keep it to yourself.

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