Thursday, November 30, 2006

Animal liberation + uncheese

Tonight Matt and I made the worst pizza we've ever made. It was kind of my fault and kind of Matt's fault, but mostly I think it was the fault of Jo Stepaniak, author of The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. Yes, we made uncheese pizza.

I should have known better when I saw that the recipe called for 1/2 cup of nutrional yeast, which I find to taste really nasty. I should have stopped when I realized I was missing a key ingredient. And I really should have let the blender run longer so as to avoid chunks of oatmeal in my cheese. Alas, I did none of these things, and now I have about two and a half cups of mushy stuff that looks like hummus but tastes like... well, not cheese.

Matt's part of the story is just another chapter in his endless search to find a pizza crust recipe that tastes really good and not bready and doesn't take upwards of three hours to prepare. This time he went with a recipe involving beer. Was this just so that he could go buy beer? He may deny it, but I think it was. (Incidentally, I was the one who pointed out the fact that cases of Stella Artois were on sale at the IGA and that the purchase of said case intitled one to a free commemorative tote bag. The tote is huge.) Despite several reviews stating the contrary, the pizza crust was really bad. It's what I imagine hard tack or whatever the pioneers ate on the road tasted like. Only fresher, not that that makes it much better.

The pizza sauce I made was tasty. Not my best, but tasty nonetheless. Here is a picture of our pizza. The uncheese is under the sauce since its texture would have made it impossible to spread on top of the sauce. The cheese on top is colby that I wish I had saved for more noble purposes.

One highlight of the evening: an animal liberation protest outside our house! Oh yes! This is the second protest we've witnessed on our street. Both times the cops have shown up before the protesters. This protest lasted much longer than the first, and there were way more cops this time. We even saw a few in riot gear: masks, clubs and all. However, as I'm sure you can imagine, there was no need for riot cops. The vegan protesters were quite peaceful as well as bilingual. The first protest was in French, so I'm not sure what their demands were.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New recipe post: apples

I just posted a new recipe post to my myspace blog.

Not asleep, but not awake

I was hoping that last night would turn out better, but I only slept for about two hours. There is something wrong with me. I am utterly exhausted and my brain is foggy all the time. All the time. I thought that physical exertion might wake my body up a bit, but this is definitely not the case. Two days ago I moved a couch up the three flights of stairs to my apartment with the help of the Angler and I'm still not feeling recovered completely. I attempted to study some Latin yesterday and I couldn't concentrate enough to finish a single chapter. I did gather enough energy to cook a meal of potato korma for Danica and I, which I ate with a bottle of Stella Artois which Danica was nice enough to purchase for me from the grocery store in the mall.

I am not moody, however. My attitude toward the day ahead is even pleasant. I have two new really comfy couches to be thankful for. I have an à piston in which to make some coffee. I have a sexy ass wife who doesn't have to go to work. There are groceries in the fridge. No class until 18:00. Hair is growing on my face. I cleaned myself in the shower, so I've got that going for me. The people on the television speak French and that is nice of them.

Today will hopefully be filled with all the studying of Latin I was unable to accomplish yesterday. I have a bit of life in my body today and I really hope it sticks around for a while. Otherwise this day will be godawful like yesterday. Please!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving #2

On Thursday, we had our second Thanksgiving feast of the year -- this time on American Thanksgiving and in Boston with Kris And Friends. This picture of Kris and Porky Roy sums it all up for me.