Sunday, December 31, 2006

Extra protein?

Today I made two recipes from the cookbook Chelka sent us for Christmas, The Balanced Plate by Renee Loux. One was seasoned steamed greens and the other was wasabi mashed sweet potatoes. Both were quite tasty and pretty darn easy, although I did put a bit too much wasabi in the potatoes. Matt finished his food, and I had about two bites left when I wondered aloud about the little white oval shaped things in the mashed potatoes and popped one in my mouth to see if the taste would give it away. "Looks like insect eggs," Matt said as I swallowed. I didn't finish my mashed potatoes.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The last two weeks I worked and worked and worked like a crazy person. I racked up 90 hours in ten straight days. The most I worked in a day was 15 hours this past Thursday, although the Monday of that week was a close second, coming in at 12 hours plus an hour of commuting time. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

BUT! Some good came of it all. I produced two games for Telus Mobility: a text messaging game that challenges you to translate textspeak into real English and a picture/video messaging game featuring monkeys.

I also kicked out a holiday card for SHS where you can design your own ugly holiday sweater and view a gallery of sweaters that others have made. I highly recommend this site. I usually get sick of my projects, especially if I have had to produce them quickly as I did this one, but I keep going back to see what new sweaters people have created. I am really impressed with the number of people interacting with the site. As of this moment, there are 346 sweaters in the gallery. With user-generated content sites, the general rule of thumb is that 1% of people who visit the site will actually contribute something. I think this site blows that 1% statistic away!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Change of world view

Tonight I realized that the word camcorder is short for camera recorder, and now it sounds even more stupid to me than it did before.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My baby's a damn good one

Yesterday, Matt spend a good chunk of the day making me a present, which turned out to be a mix CD. When asked why he put each song on the CD, he would answer, "Because it's a good song about love." I love my new CD, but I don't think I expressed my gratitude very well yesterday. So let me take this opportunity to tell everyone that my mix CD is awesome, almost as awesome as the boy who made it for me. He's a good one. Lemme tell ya. The rest of ya'll missed out, cuz he's mine!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ketchup Ball

My teachers in school sometimes used the term "catch up ball," as in "Don't get behind in your assignments, or you'll have to play catch up ball." While I understood that they were saying "catch up" I always thought it was a funny phrase because it sounds like "ketchup ball." How would you play ketchup ball anyway? Sounds pretty messy to me.