Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have always been a fan of getting stuff for free, so curbside shopping is something I have done with great relish for some time now. However, lately I have discovered that the recycling dumpsters in my apartment building often yield terrific finds, and I can see myself sliding down the slippery slope from casual curbside shopper to full on freegan dumpster diver! Here are some of the things I have saved from curbs, dumpsters, and recycling bins.

three small blue shelves from the curb at Atwater and Barat
a retro looking suitcase with wooden hangers inside from the curb at Atwater and Barat
a very large painting from just outside the dumpster at Monkland and Old Orchard
two clothes drying racks: one from Atwater and Breslay, one from Atwater and Barat
a shoe rack from the curb at Atwater and Breslay
six pairs of ripped up designer jeans from the recycling
an umbrella stand from the recycling
a nice big Bialetti saute pan with glass lid from the recycling
some tupperware from the recycling
three black Screen Stars t-shirts from near the recycling
a microwave from near the recycling
a perfectly usable pint sized mason jar from the recycling
lots of books from the recycling
a Euro Pilates workout VHS from the recycling
an awesome/freaky ceramic strawberry with a face from the recycling
four nice throw pillows from near the recycling
a big TV from a hidden trash area in the building
a pomelo from near the trash compacter behind the PA (shrink wrapped!)

Also found in the recycling but not taken: a coffee maker and an aquarium pump.

I am thinking of starting a blog to document my finds. Is that too dumb? If I do, I'll let you know the URL.