Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hair help!

Dear reader(s?), I need your help. I am dreadfully sick of my hair, and I need a change. But what to do to it? Here are my main concerns:

  • I haven't had it cut since July, so it's pretty shapeless and boring. I end up putting it in a ponytail a lot.

  • I hate having my hair even the tiniest bit in my face, but it looks dumb when it's all shoved behind my ears. Hence the ponytails.

  • I have no styling ability or patience, so I need something super easy.

  • All the girls in Montreal are beautiful and hip, so I want something with at least a bit of style

Here's what it looks like now, freshly blown dry and frizzy:

Here are a few pictures I've found online that I'm considering:

Just cut bangs and let it grow.

More pictures of this same girl can be found here and here.

Cut it off in a way that will grow out nicely.

There is another, less blurry picture of this chick with her hair grown out a bit longer here.

Cut it pixie short.

Too '90s? Looks like it requires more styling than I'm prepared to give it.

Cut it boring short.

I can't tell if it's cute or if it's too Joan of Arc.

So... what should I do?

Voting has ended. View results here.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't the long hair with bangs be changed into any of the short hair ones if you didn't like it?

Anonymous said...

I voted for the blurry girl short cut cause it is cute and also looks super easy. you could just rub some texturizer in it every morning and it would be hip and easy.


Anonymous said...

I don't like short bangs. You haven't had bangs since you were about 7, have you?

I know it's kind of boring, but I think you should do something like this

It still has kind of short bangs, but it would be way easier to grow out than the pictures you have.