Friday, April 13, 2007

Two plugs

Last week saw the launch and final tweaking of two sites. They are both all Flash sites, and I developed all the Flash for both of them. The first to go live was the Kansas Health Foundation's Best State for Children campaign site. They want to make Kansas the best state for raising kids. The coolest part about the site is a drawing tool I made. You can draw a picture and then save it to a gallery and/or send it to a friend. The coolest part about the coolest part is viewing the gallery. You get to see the saved drawings being drawn out just like the artists drew them in the first place. I think it's pretty cool anyway.

The other site that went live is Houlihan's virtual I Never game. It's an online version of the drinking game. You know, the one where one person says something like, "I never had a crush on a teacher in high school," and then everyone who did crush out on a high school teacher has to drink. Yeah, that one. With the virtual game, you respond to several similar statements (or make up your own), spill the beans on the stories surrounding each one (like, describing how hot your 11th grade math teacher was [mine wasn't -- Mr. Ford, ha ha]) and then invite your friends to do the same. Then you all get to watch as the game plays out and giggle at each others' answers when you should be working or cooking dinner or something equally productive. Danger Kitty gave it a go and played with some hot randos. Check it out:

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