Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brothers in poop

People find our blog through some pretty crazy keywords. Most of them have to do with well digging (sorry, folks, no practical information here), but there are some funny ones too: "suddenly have to pee", "absolute fucking idiots", "dating hand on breast", "mary poppins programming satanic", "how do i get rid of my stomach that hands over my waist".

Today we got one that I had to google myself: "poop on my head song". There we were, number two on the list. Awesome. But wait! Who is that at number one? Why, it's Bruno! Yes, Bruno the Brazilian, my former coworker, is number one of the 1,180,000 results for "poop on my head song". Way to go, us, and super way to go, Bruno!

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seth said...

Nice... job?