Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More about the heat

I woke up cold this morning. Yes, it's August 7, and I had to put on slippers and a hoodie this morning. I guess this is what Canadian summers are like. By contrast, one year ago today was our last day in KC. It got up to 97F (36C) with a heat index of 105F (40.5C) that day. One year ago yesterday was the day we returned our borrowed air conditioning window unit, so one year ago today was quite miserable in our hot little house. I, for one, am extremely grateful that today I am not hectically packing and cleaning the house, while sweating up a storm. Dirt, dust and cat hair stick to sweaty flesh. I am grateful that I don't have to bathe in a shower curtain-less shower. I am also grateful that I won't be trying to sleep tonight in clothes I've been sweating in all day on an air mattress that keeps sticking to me.

I just checked weather.com, and it looks like folks in KC are having the same sort of weather again today. I truly hope that there is no one in KC going through what we had to go through a year ago today. It was miserable.


jennylou said...

The weather stinks! Wish we were in Canada now :)

seth said...

I remember that day! It was sad. I was sad. I miss you two!

Scott Savage said...

It is hot and it sucks. However, I am learning to better appreciate the wind a bit more.