Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kickin' my own ass

Last night I reluctantly left my warm, cozy apartment mid-Phillies game to venture out into the chilly night and make my way to Club Lambi on the Plateau to see Portugal The Man, The Great Depression, and Rocky Votolato. You may or may not know this, but I hate going to shows. I especially hate going to shows by myself, and last night I was on my own. Happily, it ended up being a really good time, and I'm extremely glad I dragged my butt out the door to have a little adventure.

Portugal The Man was rocknroll. The Great Depression was full of lovely harmonies. And Rocky kicked some serious ass. Yay Rocky! He played mostly new stuff but some older stuff too, including "Like Silver" from "Burning My Travels Clean" and "Montana" from "Suicide Medicine," which I really wanted to hear. While the first band was playing, I attempted to purchase a t-shirt from the merch girl (who I think may be his wife, as she is on the cover of one of his albums) but was thwarted by lack of funds. I only had $8, and they were $15. Damn. After The Great Depression played, I tried to put those same eight dollars to use for one of their CDs, but they were $10. Damn again. When the whole show was over, I did something I never ever do. I went back to talk to the merch girl/Mrs. Votolato. I told her that the show was awesome and I was so glad they had come to play in Canada, and wonder of wonders, she told me I could have a shirt for my measly $8. Yay! Humans are really nice sometimes.

As I walked all the way down St. Laurent to the bus stop at Sherbrooke (and just caught the bus, thank goodness!), I was in a haze of lovely Rocky Votolato music-ness. Mmmmm, good shows are so very good. There were tons of people still out and about, lining up to get into clubs, drunkenly leaving clubs, shouting across the street to each other, chatting on cell phones. It was such a nice feeling to be in a city where stuff actually happens at night and to have just taken part of a little bit of the action.

And the Phillies won.


louese said...

sounds like you had a good time :)

i am currently a halo3 widow... if you end up finding any more shows, give me a tinkle, or jingle. or even a ring. have a dandy week!

Walter said...

sweet guns. sometimes i wonder if i miss rocky. i never got his new CD. did you? is it worth it? i mean, is it good at all? i didn't like the 20 sec. clips i heard on Itunes or whatever. by the way, some friends of mine mentioned Smog about a moth ago at work, and then matt posted on him. that Smog/BC is the shit.

Danica said...

I haven't listened to the new one all that much yet. It feels like Makers, which I didn't enjoy quite as much as the previous albums. I definitely like the old stuff better than the new stuff, but the new stuff isn't bad.