Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Whirlwind Tour

Vacation! Weee, I just got back from a vacation to Colorado, sadly without Mister Matt, but his absence was somehow appropriate as I was revisiting a pre-Matt time in my life. The main reason for the trip was that one of my college roommates got married. I hadn't seen anyone from college since I graduated five and half years ago, so the visit was long overdue. It's strange how a change of scenery and the company of some friends from the dorms can revert you back to 19 years old.

I would post pictures but I was a moron and forgot to pack my camera. Here are some highlights of the trip. You'll have to use your imaginations to make up the images:

  • Seeing Harold, Mar, Crazy Andy, Alley, Woolfe, and The Greek for the first time in over five years.

  • Taking one name off my People From College Who Don't Talk To Me Anymore list. Sadly, it's a bit of a long list.

  • Eating Mexican food (made by real Mexicans!) and drinking margaritas.

  • An absolutely gorgeous drive from Denver to Pagosa Springs (and back again). More beautiful than should be allowed.

  • My first ever dip in natural hot springs. Mmmmm hot springs.

  • Einstein's Bagels and Target.

  • Hanging out with Mar for an action-packed 48 hours.

  • Wine with Harold and Quinn the plumber.

  • Eating at Watercourse, my sister's favorite veggie resto in D-town.

  • Off-roading in an Impala along a muddy ridge overlooking a rushing creek in the San Juan Mountains... and then reversing back out at high speed. Without dying.

  • Seeing that The Breakfast Palace is still there... whew!

  • Visiting Alley's coffee shop.

  • A trip to the Dikeou Collection.

  • Drinking American microbrew beer.

  • Driving around the DU campus, marveling at all the new buildings and laughing that the library building still sounds and smells the same. And I sat in the (now cleaned and reupholstered) egg chair.

  • Oh yeah, and a wedding in a beautiful aspen grove!

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