Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Click for cans

Hey, ya'll, it's football season, which also means it's Campbell's Chunky Click For Cans season! Hit up the site everyday and vote for the team you like best (obviously the Chiefs). I *think* that at the end of the promotion, they donate cans of soup — as many as the team with the most votes has votes — to some charity. So if you're in it for the hungry tots, vote for the leading team to up the number of cans that will be donated. If you're in it for the glory, vote for the Chiefs. Yeah, that's right: Chiefs = glory. They also have a field-goal kicking game this year that you can play to increase the number of votes you add each day. The more field goals you kick, the more votes your team gets. It also increases the time you are on their site and exposed to their branding.

BTW, you can vote only once each day... but they track you by cookies, which are browser specific. So really you can vote once per browser per day. If you want to play the game in each browser, you'll have to delete the cookie that the game saves on your computer. (Technically, it's not a cookie but a Flash Shared Object. Yes, I am a Flash geek.) All you have to do is search your hard drive for a file called lastDate.sol. Delete it. It's that easy.

UPDATE: I was wrong about how many cans are donated. They donate one can for each pound of the winning team's weight. So, uh, vote for a fat team? Nah, just vote for the Chiefs.

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