Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Middle America

The kids who get featured on The Minneapoline, Minneapolis' style blog, always freak me out a bit, because just about every single one of them looks like s/he could have gone to my high school. They all look so midwestern to me! For some reason, to me, they all look like they're not quite pulling off being hip kids. They're trying their best; they've got the right clothes worn in the right ways to be worth of fashion blogging, but I always see this look in their eyes that says they're lying. They're not really a part of the cool kid club. They're still struggling to get in. They're really not hip — they just look the part.

I think it's just me though.


aj said...

haha thats funny cause i know lots of kids that show up one there


Matthew said...

A.J. as in Sam's friend A.J.?