Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Past and present residents of Tallahaseee and Woodville

Last night I dreamt that on August 1, Matt and I were moving into a house with his brother Dan. I think the house was in Tallahassee. It was certainly in a nasty hot climate like that. Where the garage door should have been was a giant screen door, and the space that should have been the garage was the living room. There was still a drive way leading up to the garage/living room though, and to the side of it there was a two-sided, somewhat rounded bookcase. We were only allowed to put our stuff on one side. The neighbors got the other. I was really not looking forward to this move, because I liked our current apartment better than this trashy house.

This is completely unrelated to the above paragraph. Danger Kitty has gotten so much nicer in his old age. He turned five a month and a half ago. He follows Matt around all the time just like always, but he's much more cuddly and insistant that Matt pet him. When I am home alone, Danger Kitty gets lonely after a while and come over to squeak at me and rub against my legs. It's nice to have a 20+ pound ball of fur wanting to love you.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know DK was a 20 pounder... mine is a 16 pounder and everyone thinks he's the biggest cat they've ever seen. I think it's funny how bigger cats have the higher pitched squeaky meow compared to the ~8 pounders... at least mine does.