Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The story continues

You may remember that we gave away The Snot Rocket a little while ago. Turns out that the recipient decided The Snot Rocket wasn't for him/her, so my poor dear bike is looking for a new owner again. I am happy that s/he included The Snot Rocket's name in the ad.

Here is a brief history of The Snot Rocket. At some point, someone bought The Snot Rocket, rode it around, had amazing adventures, and then left it on the campus of Florida State University. It was seized for reasons unknown to me by campus security or whoever seizes bikes on campus. In 2002 or 2003, Matt and I bought The Snot Rocket at a FSU surplus auction. It was a part of a lot of 5 bikes, including Consuela the big red bike with the bell with the eyeball on top (like this). We bought the lot for $20, ditched the three other bikes, and took home Consuela (my new bike) and The Snot Rocket (Matt's new bike). When we moved to Kansas City in August of 2003, the bikes came with us. The Snot Rocket got much more use than did Consuela. Matt used to ride it to work at the library. So when it came time to move to Montreal three years later, only The Snot Rocket came along. Last year, Matt became something of a bike snob and decided he was too good for The Snot Rocket. He tried to fix up The Snot Rocket so that I could ride it around town. On the first test run after new chain, new seat, new brakes, etc, he was hit by a car and had to carry The Snot Rocket home. Until we gave it away, it had been sitting in our bedroom, looking sad and lonely, unable to fulfill its true bike potential.


Camp Tiger Claw said...

So what does bike snob ride now? Because whatever it is my bike, Karl Marx, would kick its ass.

Matthew said...

I'm such a snob that NO bike suits me, so I am bikeless.